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Why Keanu Reeves changed his POV about NFTs and why you should too?

As what most people tend to do, Keanu Reeves is one of those who laughed at the idea of NFTs when he first heard about it.


Keanu Reeves changed his POV about NFTs


Even though he is already a crypto holder since his friend gifted him, but doesn’t actively trade just any of it yet — we can say that Keanu had some understanding of blockchain thus far.


In an interview back in December 2021 with The Verge, an American tech news website, promoting The Matrix: Resurrections — when the interviewer tried to explain how NFTs work, Reeves said that NFTs “are easily reproduced”, just like a normal digital file.


Prior to the interview, The Matrix released their first 100,000 Matrix-inspired NFT avatars for $50 each which dropped on The Nifty marketplace that caused the platform to crash after auditing that over 300,000 The Matrix fans have lined up for the said drop.


Keanu Reeves changed his POV about NFTs


Fast-forward — many people were surprised when a press release from Futureverse Foundation, a charitable foundation that hopes to provide opportunities for unvalued artists, announced that Keanu, along with her long-time partner Alexandra Grant, who is also an artist herself, are their advisors.


Keanu states that he is honored to join hands with Alexandra and Futureverse partner, “Non-Fungible Labs,” in supporting artists & creators globally.


But, what pushed Keanu into choosing the red pill?


Keanu Reeves changed his POV about NFTs


What are the lies Keanu envisioned and wants to solve and break in the industry?




Keanu is known for his profound humility, kindness, philanthropic activities and was once called Hollywood’s very best man.


Besides that, throughout Keanu’s life where he lost his best friend, partner, child and had a sister who battled cancer — it’s not surprising to know why he established his own private foundation that’s been running for 5 to 6 years already — which helps aid some children hospitals and further progress research in battling cancer.


In a Twitter post by Christina Coughlin, a well-known immunologist, and oncologist.


Keanu Reeves changed his POV about NFTs


“Keanu Reeves has been a long-time supporter of cancer research to help his sister. This is very cool, his donation was $31.5M.”




NFTs allow plenty of people to become popular and at the same time earn a lot of money — while some lose a big sum.


2021 is an amazing year for NFTs. However, there is still a question that needs to be answered whether it will just be a passing fad or a new evolution of how we do things.


Keanu Reeves changed his POV about NFTs Graphics


Commonly, people’s point of view for NFTs are for investment purposes only. They will buy it just for the sake of getting huge returns in the future — while some, just don’t want to be left behind. Yet, they haven’t realized the reaping benefits of blockchain technology and turning physical art into digital.




There are 3 things why we think Keanu changed his perspective about NFTs and why we should follow the same philosophy he might be embracing in establishing his new non-profit venture:


(1) The ability of blockchain to verify a transaction with certainty while having the capability to secure everything in & out — this magnifies Keanu’s kind personality wherein he doesn’t have to prove to anyone else that this huge amount of money goes from point A to point B while also solving a lot of transparency issues traditional charity organizations have.


(2) Keanu did a lot of philanthropic activities before, so it’s not staggering to know why he changed his perspective about NFTs if it will push some of the boundaries traditional charity organizations can reach — especially if you can extend it globally.


(3) As artists themselves, Keanu, with his partner Alexandra, know the struggles of being an artist without getting the right funding & recognition one deserves and through the use of innovative technology like the blockchain, they aim to tap modern forms of philanthropy — where they can alter and elevate artist pivotal moments in their careers.


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