Kenji Tate - BayaniChain

Kenji Tate

Director of Communications & PR

Kenji Tate is Bayanichain’s Public Relations Director. He leads all dialogues, ensuring that conversations turn into meaningful communication between the company and its community. His mission is to make the cryptocurrency world accessible to all audiences amidst the technical information barrier that he believes continues to prevent its widespread adoption.

He is a seasoned public speaker recognized for his achievements in international and national competitive debating under Ateneo de Manila University’s banner. Accompanying his skill in spoken communication are numerous accolades in competitive journalism and organizational leadership where he represented the Naga City Science High School for six years. Kenji has extensive leadership experience from his own Packaging and Supplies company and various student governments at the school and city level.
This lengthy exposure on various fields translates to a deep understanding of the need for humanist values such as accountability, inclusivity, honesty, and social responsibility inside the crypto industry.