Stage 1:

NFT Platform

Infrastructure development for Likha meant collaborating with developers and early investors to create secure data systems that maintained data integrity.

The first stage was divided into three phases: Infrastructure Development, UI/UX Development with Wallet Integration, and Deployment. Feedback from success and error logs, User Acceptance Testing, and Product Reviews were integrated into the final product.

Stage 1 was completed last September 29, 2021 after a rigorous 20-day development process.

1 Likha NFT Platform Development

Stage 2:

Launch of

Likha NFT will conduct its beta launch in the Philippines and interested artists and users can experience the platform through different devices. NFT-selling will now occur in this phase and the release of our first set of brands and artists will commence, testing the platform’s performance under strenuous server traffic conditions. Beta testers will be rewarded with early bird pricing and incentives in exchange for important feedback given upon Metamask transfer.

2 Likha NFT Beta Release

Stage 3:

Likha NFT:
Philippines Release

Taking the market by storm, Likha NFT will conduct heavy marketing through partnerships and collaborations with established figures in finance and art in order to attract high amounts of users into the site. All features of Likha NFT will be fully functional and more marketing operations will be launched in order to educate and inform communities about Likha NFT’s opportunities. More and more Filipino artists will be onboarded in this stage and Brand collaborations will materialize. 

3 Likha NFT Philippines Release

Stage 4:

Likha NFT:
Southeast Asia

Upon the achievement of  pre-set Key Performance Indicators for Stage 3, Likha NFT will take on the Southeast Asian market, opening its doors to artists, brands, and collectors in the greater SEA region. Local artist groups inside these countries will be empowered and boarded into the crypto space.

4 Likha NFT Southeast Asia Release

Stage 5:

Likha NFT:
User Growth and
Customer Acquisition

Likha NFT is all about organic and sustainable growth. An active community will be maintained through our social media channels in order to hit an important 1,000 daily average transaction from our active user base. This would mean that Likha NFT has widespread market acceptance, allowing more and more investment into the backend systems’ infrastructure.

5 Likha NFT User Growth and Customer Acquisition

Stage 6:

Initial Coin Offering

A sustained community gives Bayanichain the needed fuel for it to launch BayaniCoin. Initial Coin Offering preparations involve complete approval from the Security Exchanges Commission– Likha NFT prioritizes being fully legal with all its business conducts. Once approved, BayaniCoin will be listed in select coin-trading platforms for the general public to purchase. Funds gathered will be used as capital for the Digital Physical Chain and the Crypto Lounge.

6 BYNI Coin Initial Coin Offering

Stage 7:

Crypto Lounge
& Gallery:
Grand Opening

Building a solid community beyond the blockchain, BayaniChain will launch its Crypto Lounge & Gallery in Poblacion, Makati. This physical space is exclusive to BayaniCoin stakers, giving enthusiasts more incentives to stake. The commemoration of Bayanichain’s accelerating decentralization and digital asset adoption is celebrated here as investors can use spaces for board meetings while artists can hold NFT auctions. Patrons can bond and network with each other through food and drinks– all paid for with either BayaniCoin or Cash.

7 Crypto Lounge _ Gallery Grand Opening

Stage 8:

Chain: Commercial

Pushing the bounds of crypto technology, the Digital Physical Chain will be launched into the global market. The Digital Physical Chain is a specialized blockchain-backed printer that connects the tangible and intangible, allowing businesses, artists, and collectors to be confident in the validation of both digital-to-physical and physical-to-digital assets. This final phase will be one of Bayanichain’s core gateways to penetrating the traditional institution market, incentivizing the adoption of digital assets as a new-wave way of taking on economic growth. 

8 Digital-Physical Chain Commercial Launch