Likha Artist Highlights: Jacob Cezar a.k.a. "Jakestudyos"

Likha Artist Highlights: Jacob Cezar a.k.a. “Jakestudyos”

Jacob Cezar a.k.a “Jakestudyos” is a multidisciplinary artist from Manggahan, Pasig. He is part of the admirable art collective group “Titik Poetry” a tight-knit community that aims to unite artists from all walks of life. The group is led by John Verlin Santos, a well-known artist & poet that serves as Jacob’s personal mentor.


Likha Artist Highlights: Jacob Cezar a.k.a. "Jakestudyos"


Jacob’s artwork is visually diverse and driven by his street life story. He is a true visionary creating various collectibles from 1 of 1s or GANs and through spoken poetry in which he draws inspiration from his experience which brings his viewers to the same meditative perspective.



The messages he sends out impact people who feel like they have little choice but to conform to the norms of their environment, and the key selling point of his artworks is their capability to verbalize the language of those in search of understanding who may feel lost and broken within their own communities despite all the effort they put in to fit into society’s expectations.


Likha Artist Highlights: Jacob Cezar a.k.a. "Jakestudyos"


His parody art was previously recognized because of its creativeness and movement to bring social awareness among citizens and call out the government for its inefficiency in the COVID-19 pandemic. Much of his work involves a keen sense of observation and turns its attention away from what one might expect to see in the street.


In a 12-piece series, the magnificent artist from Manggahan, Pasig — shared with us his personal experience through NFTs; the story of living in a 9-5 job while endlessly chasing those you’ve always wanted.

Likha Artist Highlights: Jacob Cezar a.k.a. "Jakestudyos"


Jacob is currently part of the Likha Simula artist and the said 12-piece series of artworks are exclusive only to the Likha marketplace.


Those who don’t identify with mainstream culture may find his work entertaining, inspiring, and empowering, but for those on the outskirts of what’s considered socially acceptable, his work can serve as a reminder that there is always more than one way for people to live their lives and Jacob really serve as a great example for being a sociocultural norm disruptor who has used his craft to express his own life and experiences through art.


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