Gian Suyat

Likha Artist Highlights: Gian Suyat

Gian Suyat is a painter who has been producing works of art for years. He has a knack for capturing the essence of his subject matter in a way that is both convincing and intriguing.


Likha Artist Highlights: Gian Suyat


Graduated with a journalism degree from the University of the Philippines Diliman, Gian is a former copywriter who has a decade of experience turned into an NFT artist even without any conventional graphic design training.


Gian’s artworks were inspired by classic painters like Rembrandt and Caravaggio who relies on a technique called chiaroscuro and tenebrism — a style of art that involves using light and dark tones to create an effect in which the shadowed areas of an image are more intense than their lit counterparts.

Rembirbdt is just one of his popular collections inspired by his anxiety about birds — where he recreates anthropomorphic versions to make them appear like human beings.


Likha Artist Highlights: Gian Suyat


In addition, Gian is also known for his interest in the intersection between art and technology. His work is characterized by a distinctive style that combines traditional techniques with new digital techniques because according to him, art is our relationship to this world.


Currently, Gian is part of Likha “Simula” artist that features a various range of art styles from modernist to classical while illustrating the Filipino artist’s endless creativity.


Likha Artist Highlights: Gian Suyat


The idea behind Gian Suyat’s artwork is that it represents our relationship with the world around us. Our lives are filled with experiences that shape who we are as individuals — not just our own experiences but those of others as well; it is like looking into your own soul through a glass window into another place or time period.


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