5 Local Celebrities That Joined the NFT Craze

5 Local Celebrities That Joined the NFT Craze

The NFT craze has taken the art world by storm. Those stressful days for artists who need to willfully strive to find a decent broker who can sell their artworks for a good price are already gone.


Furthermore, NFTs are not just about creating beautiful pieces of art nor flexing about an artwork that you bought using gigabucks of money. NFTs can also be used for crowdfunding, ticketing systems, exclusive access or discounts, and so much more.


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In this article, we’ll be talking about Filipino celebrities who dabbled already into NFTs along with their launched projects:


1. Yassi Pressman


Yassi Pressman - NFT - BayaniChain


Yassi Pressman is a Filipina actress and model. In 2015, she starred in the MTV Pilipinas show “Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition” — while in 2017, she became one of the judges of “The X Factor Philippines.”


Last February, Yassi announced her collaboration with “The Whitelist,” founded by two notable Fil-Am athlete brothers Jordan and Gabe Norwood where 10,000 collections were sold out in just a few hours on public mint.


Recently, she launched a new play-to-earn platform called Players Elite Guild (PEG) along with Liezl Pecson, a certified blockchain architect — where they aim to cater to gamers from all backgrounds. Yassi also stated that they want to show why play-to-earn is for every Filipino.


2. Heart Evangelista


Heart Evangelista - NFT - BayaniChain


Heart Evangelista is a Filipina actress and model featured in several TV shows in the Philippines. Known in the art scene, she joined forces with notable OG NFT artist Luis Buenaventura a.k.a Cryptopop.


In November 2021, they released their joint artwork dubbed “Desiderantium” and “Pluviam.” These are artworks Heart herself created during the COVID-19 lockdown — they garnered a whooping 17.35 ETH or P3.6 million pesos at that time.


In a statement, Heart told the press, “Together, I think we created a piece that truly immortalizes the transitions, stillness, and emotions we experienced as last year’s craziness put our lives to that.”


3. Nadine Lustre


Nadine Lustre - NFT - BayaniChain


An avid supporter of the NFT movement, Nadine Lustre is an actress, singer & the first Filipina celebrity who released audio NFTs.


Leading the entry for ENTER.AUDIO, a pioneering marketplace for audio and various types of NFTs — the platform aims to provide celebrities from around the world the ability to earn from their creations.


The album titled “Wait For Me” was minted with 1,000 editions for around $30 each. It is a pop-R&B track released under her label Careless — a song about letting go after a breakup.


4. Pia Wurtzbach


Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach - NFT - BayaniChain


Pia Wurtzbach is a Filipina actress, model, and beauty queen. She won Miss Universe 2015 and Miss International 2016.


Pia surprised her followers when she changed her profile pic in November 2021 with the Alpha Girls Club NFT signature design. She also tagged Alpha Girls Club’s Twitter account and said, “Hello, Queens! How are all my alphas doing today?”


Alpha Girls Club is a 10,000 collection NFT featuring hand illustration traits. They aim to empower everybody to find their optimal self — while offering real-life products along with exclusive access to events and various real-life experiences for its holders.


Despite the hate Pia receives, she continues supporting those projects she believes in and is vocal about it on her Twitter account.


In a Twitter conversation, Gabby Dizon, co-founder of Yield Guild Games, asked Pia how did she get into NFTs — the beauty queen answered that she learned about the space because of her co-beauty queen and friend Carla Lizardo way back in November 2021. The rest is history!


5. Manny Pacquiao


Manny Pacquiao - NFT - BayaniChain


Manny Pacquiao is a Filipino politician and regarded as one of the greatest professional boxers of all time where he held the title of the only eight-division world champion in the history of boxing. However, not many know that Manny had been experimenting on NFTs before the hype happened.


Not so long ago, before his fight with Yordenis Ugas when he partnered with Ethernity, a community-focused NFT marketplace in releasing a one-of-one moving portrait type of NFT of the boxing champion.


The NFT art was created by Kenson Lee (a.k.a Rikognition), a Los Angeles-based visual effects artist and motion graphics designer.


Recently, Manny again announced a new NFT collection on his Twitter account this June 2022 dubbed as “Pacman Dog”.


Pacman Dog - Manny Pacquiao NFT Collection


The collection, according to Manny, is a commemoration project for his beloved dog named “Pacman” who died in 2020.



Filipinos are seeing value in this new form of art.


As more and more Filipinos see value in this new form of art, it is no surprise that the market for NFTs is growing. Moreover, it is also no surprise that many artists are creating great pieces using this technology.


One of the advantages of buying NFTs for artists is that they are able to create new pieces without having to worry about theft. Because each piece is unique and tied to an individual, there is no need for copyright laws or other protections.


NFTs represent ownership of physical items, like shoes or art pieces, and being an artist themselves they are for sure excited about this new trend.




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